Bobov Dol: Chitalishte Minyor

Country: Bulgaria
City: Bobov Dol
Location: Ulitsa Vasil Kolarov 3

Chitalishte (library, community centre and arts centre), also known as "Dom na kulturata" (House of Culture). The building contains a cinema and theatre hall with 650 seats, a library, and two smaller halls. Opened 1967.

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Bobov Dol: Chitalishte Minyor Reverse Text: "Bobov Dol - Domyat na kulturata. Bobov Dol - Dom kultury. Bobov dol - La Maison de la culture. Bobov Dol - das Haus der Kultur"
Publisher: DM Septemvri; D-6515-A IP F-45-59/76
Size: Modern
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