Spa: Casino de Spa

Country: Belgium (Belgique/België)
Province: Liège / Lüttich
City: Spa
Location: Rue Royale

Gambling casino and entertainment complex, including a theatre (Petit théâtre Jacques Huisman, 450 seats) and several multi-purpose halls. Founded 1763 and rebuilt several times. Also known as "Redoute" or "Kursaal".

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Spa: Casino de Spa Front Text: "Spa, Kursaal et Panorama"
Publisher: Ern. Thill, Bruxelles
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
Not sent.

Spa: Casino de Spa Picture: concert hall, used as a military hospital during World War I
Front Text: "Spa, Kasino, Saal I"
Handwritten Reverse Text: dated 13 Jan 1917
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
Sent: by German Forces' Postal Service [address removed]

Spa: Casino de Spa Front Text: "Spa : Casino et Parc. Casino en Park."
Publisher: Editions Lander, Eupen; 751
Size: Modern
Sent: from Spa to Brussel [postmark partly illegible]

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