Wien: Redoutensäle

Country: Austria (Österreich)
State: Wien
City: Wien
Location: 1.; Hofburg

[First entertainment venue on the site built 1629-1631 as a dancing hall. 1651 conversion to the "Komödienhaus" theatre by Giovanni Burnacini sr. 1659 rebuilding by Lodovico Ottavio Burnacini. Destroyed by a fire on 19 July 1699. Subsequently rebuilt as an opera house by Francesco Galli-Bibiena for Emperor Joseph I. Opened 1705.]

Built 1744-1748 by Antonio Galli-Bibiena after plans by Jean Nicolas Jadot de Ville-Issy for Empress Maria Theresia, converting the previous theatre to two concert and ball halls, "Großer Redoutensaal" and "Kleiner Redoutensaal". Opened 1748 with a masked ball. 1749 installation of a connecting walkway between the halls and the imperial apartments. 1759-1760 rebuilding by Nikolaus Pacassi. Used for balls, concerts, and other court festivities. 1769-1772 façade alteration by Nikolaus Pacassi. 1773-1776 extension by the "Durchfahrtshalle" towards the Stallburg. 1788 installation of a gallery tier. 1816, 1840, 1892-1893 alterations by Ferdinand Kirschner. 1921 installation of a theatre ("Theater im Redoutensaal"). 1973 conversion to a congress centre. Site of the SALT II treaty signing on 18 June 1979. "Großer Redoutensaal" completely destroyed, "Kleiner Redoutensaal" severely damaged by a fire on 26/27 Nov 1992. 1992-1997 rebuilt to the original plans by Manfred Wehdorn. Currently used for concerts and congresses. Großer Redoutensaal: up to 680 seats, Kleiner Redoutensaal: up to 260 seats.

Notable world premieres:

  • Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony No. 8 (27 Feb 1814)
  • Richard Strauss: Tanzsuite nach Klavierstücken von Francois Couperin (17 Feb 1923)

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Wien: Redoutensaele Reverse Text: "Meytens-Schule um 1762/63 - Theateraufführung anläßlich der Vermählung Jospehs II. mit Isabella von Parma, 1760 - A Theatre Performance on the occasion of the Marriage of Joseph II to Isabella of Parma in 1760"
Publisher: Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien; 1993/1167
Type: reproduction (1993) of an old painting (ca. 1762/1763)
Size: Modern
Not sent.

Wien: Redoutensaele Front Text: "Redoutensaal in der Hofburg zu Wien (1812), n. e. Lith. a. d. Sammlg. d. Stadt Wien" [after a lithography from the Collections of the City of Wien]
Publisher: Dreifarben-Autotypie J. Löwy, Wien - Verlag. d. Vereines v. gold. Kreuze - Druck von Friedrich Jasper, Wien; Serie 5103; Nr. 005
Type: Undivided Back; reproduction (ca. 1900) of an old lithography (1812)
Size: Classic
Not sent.

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