Bad Ischl: Kongress & Theaterhaus

Country: Austria (Österreich)
State: Oberösterreich
City: Bad Ischl
Location: Kurhausstraße 8

Built 1873-1875 by Hyazinth Michel. Opened 1875 as "Kurhaus". 1965 severely damaged by a fire, with only the theatre hall surviving. Subsequently rebuilt to the original plans. 1997 major renovation, renamed "Kongress & Theaterhaus". Used for conventions and cultural performances. Since 1960, main venue of the operetta festival "Operettenwochen Bad Ischl" (now "Lehár Festival Bad Ischl").

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Bad Ischl: Kongress & Theaterhaus Front Text: "Bad Ischl. Kurhaus."
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
Sent: to a location near Praha before 1918 [reverse destroyed by glue, mostly illegible]

Bad Ischl: Kongress & Theaterhaus Stamp (Austria, 5 July 1985)
Text: "25 Jahre Operettenwochen Bad Ischl"

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