Emmerich Smola

German Conductor

* 1922-07-08 Bergreichenstein (Bohemia)

Emmerich Smola studied music in Prague and started his musical career as a double bass player. In 1948, he became director of the SWF radio orchestra Kaiserslautern (then "SWF Unterhaltungsorchester Kaiserlautern", later "Großes Unterhaltungsorchester des SWF", today "SWR Rundfunkorchester Kaiserslautern"), a position he kept until 1987. The orchestra was initially founded for performances of "light" music, but Smola developped a very characteristic artistic profile by broadening its repertoire by symphonic and operatic works, with a special focus on early music and early classical music. He was a particularly good hand at supporting young singers: the names of Fritz Wunderlich, Erika Köth and Lucia Popp speak for themselves.

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