Dimashq: Opera House

Country: Syria (Suriya)
City: Dimashq (Damascus, Damas)
Location: Umayyad Square

Foundation stone laid in the 1970s. Completed 2000-2004 to other plans. Opened 7 May 2004. Officially named "Dar al-Assad for Culture and Arts". The complex includes an opera house (1331 seats), a drama theatre (663 seats) and a multipurpose hall (237 seats). 2014 damaged by bombs in the Syrian civil war.

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Dimashq (Damascus): Opera House Stamps (Syria, 1976)
Picture: probably plans for what was to become the Opera House
Text: "8 March Revolution 13th Anniversary, The National Theatre"

Dimashq (Damascus): Opera House Banknote (500 Syrian Pounds, Syria, 2014)
Text: "Opera House"

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