Winnipeg: Rainbow Stage

Country: Canada
Province: Manitoba
City: Winnipeg: Rainbow Stage
Location: Kildonan Park (2021 Main Street)

Outdoor theatre, built 1951-1952 by Smith, Carter and Katelnikoff. Opened 22 Sep 1953 with a concert by the Kitsilano Boys Band. 1970 addition of a triodetic dome roof. 1986 renvations.

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Winnipeg: Rainbow Stage Picture: before the 1970 roof addition
Reverse Text: "Rainbow Stage - Kildonan Park, Winnipeg, Canada. In its beautiful setting amongst the trees Rainbow Stage is the scene of popular musical and dramatic productions during the summer months. Kildonan Park is operated by the Parks and Protection Division of the Metropolitan Corporation of Greater Winnipeg."
Publisher: Commercial Photo Service, Norwood; C26034
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
Not sent.

Winnipeg: Rainbow Stage Picture: after the 1970 roof addition
Reverse Text: "Winnipeg, Manitoba, Rainbow Stage. Under the beautiful dome of Rainbow Stage, residents and visitors are treated to spectacular stage productions each year."
Publisher: Goldin & Company, Winnipeg; Traveltime; S-4059
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
Sent: from Jasper to Sudbury, 1974

Winnipeg: Rainbow Stage Front Text: "Rainbow Stage, Kildonan Park - Winnipeg, Canada"
Reverse Text: "Nestled amongst the trees of Kildonan Park and protected from rain by its 166 ft. diameter dome, Rainbow Stage is Canada's only major outdoor theatre. Its highly professional productions have included Broadway musicals, comedies and dramas featuring international artists. - Niché dans les bois du parc Kildonan, et protégé contre les éléments par un Dôme de 166 pieds de diamètre, le Rainbow Stage est le seul théâtre important en plein air au Canada. Inclus parmi les mises en scènes très professionelles se trouvent des pièces musicales, des comédies et des drames, mettant en scène des vedettes internationales."
Publisher: Henry Kalen Ltd., Winnipeg; KS-5151-15
Size: Modern
Not sent.

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