Toronto: Ontario Place Cinesphere

Country: Canada
Province: Ontario
City: Toronto
Location: Ontario Place, Lakeshore Boulevard 955 West

Built 1971 as first permanent IMAX cinema in the world. Screen size: 80 feet x 60 feet. 1991 installation of digital audio technology. 752 seats.

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Toronto: Ontario Place Cinesphere Front Text: "Toronto Canada"
Reverse Text: "Ontario Place, Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Rising out of Lake Ontario on three man-made islands, this magnificent 96 acre park is a highlight of any visit to Toronto. The triodetic-domed Cinesphere theatre, the 8000 capacity outdoor forum or amphitheatre, the enchanting Children's Village, picnic areas, colourful boutiques, restaurants, peaceful lagoons and a modern marina, all invite world wide attention."
Publisher: Specialty Sales, Toronto
Size: Modern
Sent: from Canada to Wien (Austria), 1984

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