Derby Line / Stanstead: Haskell Opera House

Country: United States of America

Country: Canada
State: Vermont Province: Quebec
City: Derby Line City: Stanstead
Location: 93 Caswell Avenue Location: Rock Island, 1 Church Street

(40% of the building)

(60% of the building)

Built in 1901 as "Haskell Free Libary and Opera House" in memory of Carlos F. Haskell. Opened 7 June 1904 with a performance by the "Columbian Minstrels" and the musical comedy "The Isle of Rock". Major renovation in the late 1990s. 400 seats.

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Derby Line / Stanstead: Haskell Opera House Reverse Text: "The Haskell Opera House straddles the U.S.-Canadian border at Derby Line Vt Rock Island, Que. Built in 1901 in memory of Carlos F. Haskell - Le Haskell Opera House est construit sur la frontière à Derby Line Vt. Rock Island Que. Erigé en 1901 à la memoire de Carlos F. Haskell"
Publisher: Whipple's Studio
Size: Classic
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