Edmonton: Citadel Theatre

Country: Canada
Province: Alberta
City: Edmonton
Location: 828 101A Avenue Northwest / Churchill Square

Built 1978 by Barton Myers.

Notable world premieres:

  • Jule Styne: Pieces of Eight (27 Nov 1985)

Links: www.citadeltheatre.com, Wikipedia

Edmonton: Citadel Theatre Front Text: "The Citadel Theatre Complex, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada"
Reverse Text: "The Citadel Theatre Complex. The Citadel Theatre Complex, completed in 1978, provides a glorious showcase for Edmonton's best professional theatre."
Publisher: Alberta Color Productions, Edmonton; 51710-D
Size: Modern
Not sent.

Edmonton: Citadel Theatre Front Text: "Edmonton"
Reverse Text: "The Citadel Theatre. This impressive glass and steel complex incorporates three theatres, a restaurant and an art gallery."
Publisher: The Postcard Factory, Markham; ED-518
Size: Modern
Not sent.

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