Wroclaw: Lobe-Theater

Country: Poland (Polska)
Voivodship: Województwo Dolnoslaskie
City: Wroclaw (Breslau)
Location: (Ohlauer Vorstadt, Lessingstr. 8-10)

Built 1868-1869 by Barchewitz for the theatre director Theodor Lobe. Opened 2 Aug 1869 with a prologue by Paul Thiemich, a festive ouverture by Dumont, and G. E. Lessing's "Minna von Barnhelm". 1921 renovations and alterations. 918 seats (+ 380 stadning).

[Wroclaw: Lobe-Theater] Front Text: "Breslau, Lobe-Theater"
Publisher: Kunstverlag Benno Schulz, Breslau
Type: Undivided Back
Size: Classic
Sent: from Preussisch-Herby (= Herby) to Brieg/Bez. Breslau (= Brzeg), 1902

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