Amsterdam: Koninklijk Theater Carré

Country: Netherlands (Nederland)
Province: Noord-Holland
City: Amsterdam
Location: Amstel 115-125

Built 1887 as a circus building by J. P. F. van Rossem and W. J. Vuyk within eight months for the circus master, Oscar Carré. Opened 3 Dec 1887 as "Koninklijk Nederlandsch Circus Directie Oscar Carré". 1893 converted to a theatre by Le Jenne. Re-opened 1893 by a variety performance of Fritz van Haarlems Specialiteitengezelschap. Various later rebuildings. 1991-1993 major rebuilding of stage house by Onno Greiner and Martien van Goor; addition of a new studio stage, "Klein Carré" (100 seats). 2004 renovations. Main auditorium: 1700 seats (circus performances), 2000 seats (theatre performances).

Used for musical performances, popular concerts, and for an annual circus season.


Amsterdam: Theater Carre Front Text: "Theater Carré - Amstel, Amsterdam", inscription on building: "Theater Carré"
Publisher: Maatschapp j "Rembrandt", Utrecht
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
Sent: from Amsterdam, 1924

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