Budapest: Varszínház

Country: Hungary (Magyaroszág)
City: Budapest
Location: Buda, I., Színház út 1-3

Built 1786 by Wolfgang von Kempelen, by converting a former Carmlite Church (built 1725-1736). Opened 17 Oct 1787 as "Deutsches Theater" [German Theatre]. First performance in Hungarian on 25 Oct 1790. From 1870, operated as chamber theatre of the Hungarian National Theatre. Closed 1925. Severely damaged by warfare in 1944. 1977 rebuilding, re-opened as "Varszínház" ("Fortress Theatre").

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Budapest: Varszinhaz Reverse Text: "Budapest, Várszínház, Festungstheater, Théâtre dans la forteresse, Theatre in the fortress"
Publisher: Müemlékek Országos Bizottsága (Commission of artistic monuments); Hornyánszky Viktor R.-T., Budapest; Serie IV. sorozat.
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
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