Horice na Sumave: Passionsspielhaus

Country: Czech Republic (Ceská Republika)
City: Horice na Sumave (Höritz im Böhmerwalde)

Theatre built 1893 for the Horice Passion Play, a German-language play documented locally since 1816. Used until 1948, when the passion play was forbidden by the Communist government. Subsequently used as a sheep pen and straw warehouse. 1966 demolished by blasting, together with the nearby Saint Anne Chapel.

[From 1993, a new Horice passion play in Czech language has been performed. A new open-air theatre "Psijove divadlo" was built near the village.]

Links: de.wikipedia; www.horickepasije.cz

Horice: Passionsspielhaus Reverse Text: "Höritz. Passionsspielhaus"
Publisher: J. Seidel, Krummau
Type: Divided Back
Size: Classic
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